We belong to each other

March 22 2015

A young boy asks a wise man, "What is heaven and hell like? Is it true that hell is full of hot flames and heaven is filled with soft clouds?" The wise man answered, "In hell, there is a big, round table with a banquet of delicious food. Around the table are frail, emaciated people staring hungrily at the food for they have eating utensils tied to their hands that are three meters long leaving them unable to feed themselves."

The boy asks, "If that is what hell is like, then what is heaven like?" The wise man replies, "In heaven there is also a large, round table with a delicious banquet served. The people sitting around it also have long utensils tied to their hands, but everyone is well fed and happy. This is because in heaven, people feed one another across the table."

A special thank you to George Russell who wrote the Listserve some time ago and shared a documentary he created about the high school kids in my hometown of Compton, CA (Teaching and Learning in Compton on youtube). I saw some kids and teachers I knew, the Listserve is incredible!

I wish you all well. Keep being amazing humans.

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San Francisco, CA

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