February 08 2015

I am probably one of the few people on the Listserve who just wanted to enjoy everyone else’s insight and messages and not have to share my own thoughts if I was ever selected, but I was, and on my 40th birthday to boot. I’m sure as many of you have learned, life is best enjoyed with a little laughter.

I was trying to think of a humorous story or life experience to share with you, like the time my husband and I accidentally took our three young children to a restaurant, which we hadn’t been to in awhile. Upon our arrival we learned the restaurant had changed ownership and was now a swingers club and animal rescue center...oops:). In life, though, you sometimes receive bad news.

My mother called me while writing this email, breaking the news that a long time family friend was diagnosed with bone cancer. I would ask all of you to say a prayer for her and her family as they go thru this trying ordeal. Like myself, our friend has a deep love of humor and I would love to forward on any great jokes or stories that would brighten her day.

God Bless and thanks for sharing,

Nicole Rapp
[email protected]
Littleton, Colorado

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