Shout out to the productivity freaks

February 07 2015

Recently, I've become obsessed, but for once in my life it's a healthy obsession and not something I have to fight (yet).

I'm obsessed with being productive. I turned 30 last year, and suddenly realised that after 10 or more years of unfocused meandering, time is my most valuable resource, and I need to make my days count if I want to feel good about my life in 40 years time. Taking my productivity seriously has changed my life like crazy, to the extent that I'm now trying to launch a small productivity product. Amazingly, I won the Listserve the same week that I'm announcing this, my first product, and that's why I've chosen to write about this rather than any of the other myriad things I could just as easily decide to write about.

I know there are plenty of other productivity freaks out there, so here, for their benefit, is a short list things that you simply must check out if you're into productivity:

David Allen - Getting Things Done. This book is nothing short of amazing.
Things - a suite of Mac and iPhone/iPad apps by Cultured Code. They make being organised much easier, and a lot more fun! - my new tool for making inbox zero an easy thing to reach and keep. Apologies for the self promotion, it was never my intent when I signed up to the Listserve, but the timing was too fortunate to ignore.

Apologies to everyone else for what might be the most boring email you've received in a while.

Will Pragnell
[email protected]
London, UK

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