December 21 2014

When I saw the email for this I was so excited. I asked around on Facebook about what I should write on as I was lost for words.

Many things where suggested to me; how to create a magickal life, my experiences as an apprentice to various people, life experiences, my passion for my spirituality and many others.

Then it hit me, appreciation and courage. My mom and I will always be at odds, we will never truly see eye-to-eye but I appreciate her more then I could ever explain. She went to bat for me many times as a teen, she has pushed my buttons more then she knows, she is there for me and my children pretty much every time I need her and she has complete trust that she can take whatever life gives her.

As a teen I was always angry with her and now I admire her strength and courage.
So mom, thank you.

Dad, I haven't forgotten about you. You're generosity is as deep as the stories I've heard. You're advice always appreciated even though I may not use it, I still keep it around.

I'm thankful for all your hard work and dedication to family and some of my favorite memories will always be of you letting me help fix the cars and finish the basement, as frustrating as it might of been for you.

Listserve recipients, find your courage and be appreciative. Much love and hope to you all.

Suicide Lifeline

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Blessed Be,

Julia Maupin
[email protected]
Waterloo, IL

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