Life is Abuse

December 20 2014

I have a simple request. My friend Chloe was in a serious car accident last week and is currently battling the limits of modern medicine. She is one of the most courageous and strong people I've ever encountered, so I know she is going to put up a fight. All I ask is your love and hope and strength and prayers be sent to Cho Rombach (I know she's listening).

I've been part of the Listserve for the past four years. I never considered the possibility of winning, but its makes a world of sense for this to happen now. I know I'm still young (21) and have many more lives to live, but this has been a hard fucking year. I have no advice for you, no words of hollow encouragement. Everyone just has to keep moving. Practice mindfulness. Find the people you love and never ever let them go a day without knowing it.


Charlotte Rogg
[email protected]
Amherst, MA

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