Better Days Ahead

November 20 2014

These days, lots of people have access to an unprecedented amount of information on how to live a better life. Here are ten ideas I try to practice as often as possible. I always believe we all have better days ahead of us.

1. Call your parents once a week and tell them you love them. If not your folks, call someone you love. Never underestimate the power of your voice expressing affection upon someone.

2. Live below your means and work to save at least 20% of your salary. Set up automatic withdrawals to a separate account. Maximize your retirement contributions. It is never to late to start saving and yes, every penny does count.

3. Little habits make all the difference in life: Stretch & Touch your toes in the shower every day. Brush your teeth. Put your fork down between bites.

4. Do something nice for someone once a day. The cumulative effect of random acts of kindness are worth striving towards.

5. Eat less meat, processed foods, and exercise more. Little changes will always add up.

6. Read more - just not on electronic devices. There’s beauty in focusing some time to shutting off all distractions and reading a book.

7. Music - Make more music, or listen to more Classical, Jazz, and ambient music. All great genres to help meditate.

8. Never stop learning: Learn something new every day. Read something different, draw something, cook something new.

9. Be Optimistic. Before you say or do something, think. Take your time, choose your words carefully, and always be optimistic. This time will never come again, make it count.

10. Save a life - adopt a pet. You may find that your pet may be the one saving your life.

Hope some of these ideals resonate with you all.

Mohit SantRam
[email protected]

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