A class of responses

November 19 2014

I heard about Listserve, through a class activity around three months ago. Our assignment was to detail what brief statement we would say to 1,000,000 if we had the opportunity. This intrigued a of few my peers and I, which led us to finding The Listserve and subscribing. Miraculously enough I won. I am going to share with you a select few responses that my peers and I had!"Appreciate those around you, whether they are loved ones, friends or just acquaintances, and just for a moment, acknowledge what they mean to you. You never know when they might leave." -Nick G

"People will find that if they take the time to stop, talk to others and listen to their stories, they will find aspects of themselves. They will soon come to the realization that they are not as different as they once thought." - Trevor K

"The world needs more of those who are kind to others and brave in facing their daily struggles. I believe that you who are reading is beyond capable of taking action, whether big or small, to spread love in this world no matter how hard." -Natalie S

"Everything that I could say and everything I should say has left my mind. I am lost in a sea of mediocre thoughts and yet I am still asked to talk to more people than I ever had before. I believe that this in itself can be a lesson to me and maybe to some of you. But it is interesting in the two different ways you may look at it. On one hand maybe I should have been more prepared, ready to address this many people at once. So that I could been seen as intelligent, professional, and have my thoughts respected. Yet without this preparation the experience is entirely different. This frantic search to find something worthwhile to say. It makes me feel a rush of many different emotions, the excitement of being encountered by this new situation, the nervousness of failing, and the joy of having it finished. In the end it gives me a respect for words which I did not have before. A want to pick and choose every word with love and care." - Connor S

"A world in which everyone loved themselves would make more room to love other people fully. Right now, most have negative views towards themselves and in turn project it onto others. If everyone could love themselves, we could spread so much more positivity. I think everyone would be happier." -Kylie C

"We are trained to always be rushing to the next thing. Our schedules fill up too quickly and we end up having to pick what we have time for and what we don’t. Take a quick break from life. Put down the smartphone and go someplace where there is no evidence of human civilization. Experience the beauty of something untouched by man. Take the time to 'stop and smell the roses' because life does not have a point without the simple pleasures." -Andrew N

"I would rather walk off the stage smiling, than be asked to leave." - Nikola M

Thank you all for reading!

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