Graphene and Cupcakes

November 11 2014

Hello Listservers!

First of all, shout out to my brother Karthik who introduced me to this awesomeness! Do check out his start up 'Learnflow'.

Now little about me, I am Pranoti, originally from India currently studying in Stuttgart, Germany. I have been working in the field of graphene (supercool stuff) since one year and have pretty promising results. ;)
I have been traveling a lot lately due to work and conferences. recently went to South Korea, alone, thought I will freak out but it went so well!

Life lessons:
Move to a different continent if you want to find the real you. It is super hard at the beginning but trust me, it gets better!
Follow your dreams but always have a back up plan.
To get through good or bad times, look in the mirror and smile. :)

Need your thoughts!
I love my job but I want to start something on the side. Like selling paintings, making boxes. Your ideas are always welcome!

I want to go backpacking and know nothing about me. Instead of reading blogs online I would like to know from You, your suggestions, tips, experiences! I start from scratch so tell me everything! :D

If you want to be updated with nice pictures, find me on instagram @zecuppycake.
In case any of you wants to vent out / discuss anything, shoot me an email at [email protected]

Have fun!

- P
[email protected]
Stuttgart, Germany

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