Happy moments in Time

November 09 2014

So the object of this email is: Happy moments in Time.

In reference to Anathema's song "Shroud of False" which begins with " We are just a moment in time".It's just a moment, we are just a moment, and you are just a moment in Time, so make it a happy moment :)

Whenever I wish a happy birthday to someone, I wish him/her plenty of "happy moments", they can be minutes and they can be seconds, but they are happy, you feel you are happy during these moments, you should cherrish them. They are really important in making your day a better day, your week a better week and your life a better one :)

Listen to your favourite songs often, and Share them with someone you like.
Dance with people you don't even know and feel that you communicate somehow with your moves. It's strange and funny at the same time :D
Eat your favourite dishes often, eat chocolate daily, drink your favourite beer often!
Watch a movie you like a lot and that you didn't watch for a long time!
Help each other! Be there when someone needs you! Feel as if you were in his/her position! Make a change whatever slight change it can be, but make things different!
Enjoy your days to the fullest, and surround yourself with people you love, with people to whom you do matter, with people that can make you happy!
Make efforts to reach your goals, sacrifice is worth it when you would like to achieve something! REALLY WORTH IT!! You would feel so grateful to yourself and so thrilled for having made something important!
Be grateful to people! Be thankful to life!
Speak your mind and tell things as they are in your mind, be natural spontaneous!
If ever someone bothers you by saying something he/she shouldn't have said, don't pay attention, skip it and think of something else. Not worth it!
Listen to music very often, music is important, music is beautiful, and music is eloquent! Music can trenscend your soul and your body! Music is powerful!!

Life is not about having or possessing things, it's about being someone and leaving a trace for the others.

These are not pieces of advice but these are the things I tell myself very often in order to become a better version of myself.

You are maybe telling yourself that I am a happy girl and that I don't have problems.
FALSE! We all do have our problems but life is too short to focus only on the negative!

Thank you Cyrine namouri for letting me know about LISTSERVE :D You are an awesome woman, you are a fabulous and true friend and you are a beautiful human being :) <3

Just to finish; I am from Tunisia :) My name is Cheima or Sheima which means virtue.

Talking about Time, moments and days, listen to Explosions in The Sky- Remember me as a time of Day. It's really beautiful :)

Oh and one last thing: Try to travel as much as you can afford to, you don't know how much impact seeing people from different backgrounds can have on your soul! I mean like deep impact on you as a human being! And come to Tunisia if ever you travel :D

Drop me an email where you tell me your notion of happiness in one word or one sentence :D I would be happy to answer, and to read it!

See ya :D somewhere, somehow ..

[email protected]

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