Questions for you: Psychology, dance, Disney, dating (and more!)

November 08 2014

Hey Everyone!!!

My name is Holly and I’m a sophomore at Sweet Briar College in Virginia (USA), but I’m originally from Western Massachusetts. First things first, if you’ve never thought about a women’s college-do it! I wasn’t looking for one but I fell in love with SBC the second I stepped on campus. If you’re interested email me, I work in admissions!

This past weekend I had my heart broken. Last year I got a grant to go do mission work and research in Burkina Faso over winter break 2015 but with everything going on over there it isn’t looking good. Ever since my school participated in Operation Christmas Child when I was in 5th grade I’ve been in love with the country. Maybe it’s selfish, but I am so angry that this is going on RIGHT NOW. Ugh, maybe things will get better by January, I’ll take any prayers and crossed fingers!

I want to be a clinical psychologist when I “grow up”. Any tips on getting into a PhD program? I’m nervous already. I’m sort of a perfectionist but I’m afraid I won’t get in anywhere, even though I still have time.

I LOVE dance. I’ve done ballet since I was five, I’ll never be a professional but I love everything about it. I’m actually writing a paper on the origins of ballet right now. If you love it as much as I do, let’s talk! Any and every type of dance interests me. Tell me your stories, your memories of dancing; ballet, folk dancing, dancing around your living room. There is nothing I am more passionate about than dance.

I’m definitely a feminist but Cinderella is my favorite. Is anyone else in love with Disney? Also I love watching Disney World proposals on youtube J

I’m studying abroad in Sevilla next year and I’m so excited! Any tips or must dos? Also, has anyone raised bilingual children? I’m interested in language acquisition from a psychological perspective and would love to hear stories. Does anyone know any psychology professors at La Universidad de Sevilla? I’d love to work in a lab when I’m over there.

PSA: College age boys/men: I’m not the only one frustrated with this whole “talking” garbage, right? I want to go on dates (I don’t mind splitting the bill!!) and dress up for someone. I feel like both cell phone technology and hook-up culture has destroyed dating. I don’t want to be expected to be constantly texting someone one, I have things to do during the week. I am in such a relationship rut and I can’t seem to do anything about it. Wanna go back to when dating was a thing? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Names! I love them. If you had to name a baby boy and girl right now, what would you name them? Why? What are your favorite names? Do you like your name? I’m currently in love with Hypatia Pearl and Tucker Atlas.

I ran my first half marathon in October. 1.5 years ago I couldn’t run a mile. I promise you can do anything and everything!!

I think Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt are perfection.

If any of this interests you I’d love to talk!

Stay Beautiful!!

Love and Lollies,

[email protected]
Sweet Briar, Virginia, USA

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