Are we gods?

October 28 2014

Disclaimer: Not Gods; I'm talking about petty, little everyday gods."Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

Under this context, do you think our society would look magical and god-like to someone from 1764? Consider the evidence:
- We can communicate instantly with anybody around the world (cell phones)
- We can learn (almost) anything from home (Internet)
- We can get from one place to another in the world quickly and safely
- We can carry most of our wealth with us and make transactions everywhere (credit cards)
- We have instant access to (almost) every piece of art, entertainment and debate (Internet again)
- Many other things: Microwaves, online translation, wireless everything, flying cars (ok, maybe not!)

If you think its possible we look a little god-like to our time-traveller, let me ask you the next question: Do you feel like a god? Why not?

Maybe we are at a great moment in human history but are too busy trying to make sense of the noise to appreciate it.

PS: If you ever wondered how to survive were you to be transported more than 230 years into the past (and who doesn't) my answer would be: invent the hot air balloon. It's probably the simplest and most useful piece of technology not invented by then.

Enjoy life!

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Girona, Spain

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