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October 27 2014

Dear Listservians,

Sometimes, I feel my life is not as exciting as I thought it would be when I was 12. I try to mitigate that feeling by going on little adventures with calculated risks.

With your suggestions, I'd like to make a bucket list of uncommon, odd, curious spots for myself to visit, one day. Of course, the best ones are free.

Send me a quick note with an idea of what I could put on my list.
If you've already been to your singular point of interest, took a picture and feel like sharing it with the rest of the pack, please do so! Use the hashtag #SophiesWorldWonders on Instagram. Don't forget to let us know where it is.

Here are some examples... As you can see, it doesn't have to be super fancy:

- I took the picture I posted on Instagram this week. It's a historic sign in New Hampshire, off route 3 near Lincoln, about "The Betty and Barney Hill Incident". It's funny because it's super official, but the sign talks about how Betty and Barney have been abducted by aliens.

- In Montreal, there's a place on Ste Catherine street where the Princess Theater used to be. The Great Houdini got punched in the belly there, backstage, by a McGill student, and died a couple of days later of a ruptured appendix. The building is gone, but someone draw a Houdini graffiti in the alley. Most Montrealers don't know about how one of them killed a legend.

- In London, UK, off the Strand, on the side of a building, you can see a Roman bath through the basement window. There's an outside switch to turn the light on. That's it. A peek of a Roman bath through a dirty window full of algae. With a light switch.

- On the island of Brac, in Croatia, a pine tree is growing on the roof of a chapel.

- There's a half-day hike in the Appalachians called "Indian Head". The view on top is stunning. When you get back, stop by the waterfall to pretend you are in Jurassic Park.

Thanks in advance.

[email protected]
Montreal, Canada

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