Easy like Sunday... night

September 14 2014

2) My thoughts on a Sunday night:
- I like Sundays.
-I like that football season started today and the Bengals beat the Ravens.
- I love Cincinnati. I moved away about six years ago, but I know that's where I'll probably settle back down.
- One guy I went to high school with was killed about a week and a half ago. I wish I could say he's the first. A different girl I went to high school with's son was killed by her boyfriend around the same time. He was two. If you're the praying type, Big Ant's and little Josiya's families would appreciate it. If you're not that's cool, just try to do something to decrease world suck today with them in mind. Actually, even if you do pray, try to do something concrete too.
-Slight tangent: I realized awhile back that many of the people I met in college had never known anyone who died violently, or even just died young. I once had a conversation with a girl and noted that it was entirely possible that 50% or more of our lives might be over. It didn't go over well, but it's important to remember.
- Church was good today. We just started a series called "Live and Let Die." Appropriate, I guess, given the above.
- I should be writing an exam for my ESL students right now. I got my Bachelor's in translation, but had a hard time finding a job working with people. I did not want to translate documents, so I went back to school for a TESL degree. That's where I am now. Teaching adults has been wild. I'm still not sure if I'm any good at it. They often don't tell me when they don't understand things, so it's been a little rough figuring it out.
- Fun story about how strange it is to teach in a university setting: My students did not know the word "spread." I explained it could be used for both things and ideas and asked for examples. One girl just looked at me and said, "Oh, like disseminate."
-I really want to travel once I finish my Master's in a year-ish. I love languages. I'm not always good about studying, but I have a list that I'd like to at least become conversational in. I'm hoping to teach abroad for 3-5 years. My friends keep pushing me towards the Middle East. I think I'd like it, but my mom would have a heart attack. One of my professors is pushing Chile. I've got time to decide.
-Quandary: I really want the whole marriage/babies life too. It's supposed to be easier if you start before 30, and if I travel I'm gonna be pushing that limit.
3) Things I like:
-Languages! If you speak Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, or Malay and would like to chat, I would love penpals. Those are my focus right now, in order of "fluency." If you speak Turkish, Korean, or Tagalog, that's what I'm studying next.
-Soccer! I'm a goalie. Arsenal, Monterrey, and both US teams.
-Books! I will read nearly anything. If you have any recommendations (in Spanish or English) I'm interested.
-Being joyful! Not always happy, but damned if they can take my joy.
4) Vonnegut wisdom: "I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.'"
Hope to hear back from everyone. Much love.

Melissa M.
[email protected]
NE Ohio

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