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September 13 2014

So how do I describe or connect my tiny little corner of reality with the 20K+ individual listserv'ians spread out across the globe? I fundamentally do not know. But in my case, the acts of both reading and listening to music have made my life more enjoyable than it may have been, and have helped see me through both good and challenging times. So here are some of the highlighted works running in and through my life; ones I have found solace and joy with over the years.

Paul Auster – I have enjoyed all his fiction and believe he is one of the best and most creative/inventive writers around (if interested try Moon Palace, Leviathan, or the Brooklyn Follies to start)
Ann Patchett – Again I have enjoyed all of her fiction. Some of her books are outstandingly & stunningly great – i.e. Bel Canto
Winters Tale – by Mark Halprin (excellent book – lousy movie)
In the Skin of a Lion – by Michael Ondaatje (Sooooo much better than the English Patient)
Poet/Philosopher Gary Snyder – try reading anything almost anything he has written. Both his poetry and prose have been very dear to me. He is truly a master zen/ecologist.
Cryptonomicon – by Neal Stephenson (just an awesome tour de force read)
Cowboys are My Weakness – by Pam Houston (very fun and funny book of short stories)
Fortress of Solitude – by Jonathan Lethem (very good book to read on a long bus ride to NY City)
Animal Dreams – by Barbara Kingsolver (I loved this one a lot)
Little Big – by John Crowley (this is a very very interesting book, almost made my brain think differently after reading it… if that is indeed possible)
James Wright – his poetry is haunting and real (just read it, listen and feel. you wont be disappointed)
Night Film - by Marisha Pessel (very interesting, weird and terribly awesome book)
the Lorax – by Dr. Suess (everyone should commit this to memory or read it many times to all the children and adult children you know)
A River Runs Through It – by Norman Maclean (so much better than the also truly great movie by Robert Redford and although im not religious in my leanings I find great solace in this story, besides its about fly fishing (sort of) so its got that going for it….)
Young Men and Fire – by Norman Maclean (one of the most compelling non fiction books I have ever read, and being a scientist I have read quite a few…)

The Music listed below happened along, bubbled into my life and somehow managed to change me inside in some fundamental way. (order here is of no import.) I don’t have much to say about these albums, either they speak to you or they don’t, but if interested give them a listen, (I promise none of them will hurt you.) One thing you can tell from this list is that I’m one of the old fogies on this listserv.
Elliott Smith – Elliott Smith
The Flaming Lips – the Soft Bulletin
Bon Iver - Bon Iver
Love – Forever Changes
Liz Phair - Exile in Guyville
Pavement – Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Caravan Palace – Panic
Billy Bragg and Wilco – Mermaid Avenue (the first one)
Joe Pug – Nation of Heat
David Crosby – If Only I Could Remember My Name.
Genesis – Selling England by the Pound
Tom Waits – Nighthawks at the Diner & Bone Machine
Joni Mitchell – Blue
the English Beat – I Just Cant Stop It
Sopwith Camel – the Miraculous Hump Returns From the Moon
and it wouldn't be complete without
Nick Drake – Pink Moon (a creative young man slowly loosing his shit while he happened to be making an amazing recording. really worth your time.)


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