Whatever you do, do it your best!

September 02 2014

Hello! Firstly, thank you Listserve! I look forward to these emails everyday!

I see many of the emails here are from people (mostly younger than myself) who are on the verge of some great adventure, leaving for school, traveling the world, starting a new business (that surely will someday change world) I'm here to say that some parts of life are not as exciting, and that's ok to. It's ok to live in a small town, not travel the world, or be the next big business venture, it's ok to work the same job for many years or be a stay at home parent. These are the people that make the world tick, these are the nurses, and garbagemen and factory workers, the cops and firemen and salesclerks, they are the volunteers and fundraisers and hot lunch makers. These are the people who keep things running and clean, and keep the safeguards in place, they are the steady, and the quiet population that give the travelers, and dreamers, and the transient and upcoming youth of the world a place to build their dreams, and grow roots. If these people weren't in every community there would be nothing to come home to, no where to arrive at. Notice them, when your running to your next great adventure, thank them for doing whatever it is that they do. And do not be afraid to find yourself one day, one of them.

Just because you are one of them does not mean you will not find great satisfaction in your work, great love from friends and family, or that you will be bored or boring. I've been a dispatcher at a fire department for many years, and it's taught me two things. You cannot ever imagine how quickly your life can change, or end.

And, everyone is fighting some kind of struggle. Everyone has a story.
I would love to hear from you, tell me your stories! Oh, and support your local hospice!

Kim D.
Ontario, Canada
[email protected]

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