Oh the places you will go...

September 01 2014

What is your passion? We all have at least one; you just have to find it. Mine is travel and in just a few short months, my husband and I are embarking on what could be the biggest adventure of our lives. We are selling our house and most of our possessions and getting on a plane to travel the world. We don't know how long we will be gone or where we will go or where we will stay or what we will do. We are jumping off a cliff into the great unknown! But we have talked, planned and saved. And, at some point, you just have to say "I'm ready. Life is only getting shorter and it is time to take it by the reins."

Find your passion and run with it. But, first, please do tell me your favorite city/activity/hotel/restaurant -- the place you would most want to revisit if you were off to see the world. Thanks!

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United States

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