July 12 2014

Good evening, Listservians!
I was rather surprised about winning the lottery. I even calculated using the geometric distribution that my chances of being a winner during my membership so far stand at about a measly 2%.
Just after getting the email about winning I went out hiking with a friend in a nature reserve south-east of town.
It certainly was one sweltering summer day. I assumed that the silence of the woods, the stillness of a perfectly calm and slightly remote lake, a meal of fried potatoes, onions, fish and a couple of beers would quickly instill some inspiration regarding what is worthy to write some 25,000 people.
Unfortunately, this did not quite work as a firestarter for my mind.
Perhaps a rainy day in a cabin or shelter would have yielded better results?
So, summing it up, the unlikely moment is here for me to write for the Listserve, but it turns out I might have failed to churn out a memorable writeup.
Nevertheless, I enjoyed the day in the woods.
If I have learnt something from this episode, it is that 48 hours can be way too little to properly handle a great opportunity.
Lastly, I wish you all a great week! And remember: "Success is a journey - not a destination".

Tobias R
[email protected]
Stockholm, Sweden

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