Let's Give This a Shot

July 11 2014

Hello Listservians! Hello to any Tucsonans! Hello to anyone from Cañon City, CO (Go Tigers!). Hello to anyone from Leadville, CO (I'm a Boom Days Baby!).

What to write...what to write. Keep it simple, but make it good. Ok, let’s try this.

I’ll start with an easy recipe for great taco dip. Equal parts cream cheese and sour cream mixed with a generous amount of taco seasoning to taste. Finish by mixing in shredded cheese and then topping with lettuce and tomato. Good stuff, super fast.

Let’s move on to a story. In the fall of 2009, a group I was involved in during college came into possession of a 3 piece pink tuxedo for a breast cancer fashion show. After that show, we had no idea what to do with this item we had purchased. In January 2010, I came across info for a breast cancer 5k in town, and decided if I trained properly, I could run the 5k in the pink suit. So I bought the suit from the group, trained, and ran in the 5k that year. I’ve run that race in the pink suit for the past 5 years now, and after some chance encounters this past January, I now sit on the Board of Directors for that non-profit’s affiliate in Tucson.

My lesson from that experience was that you never know what’s going to come from any conversation at any time, so always be ready. I’ve had more opportunities fall in my lap from starting a conversation with someone than from actually applying for anything.

I’ve also run a couple half marathons in a business suit and frequent mud runs in one as well. I’ve never really felt like a normal runner. I’m not doing it for health. I’m not doing it for a PR. I don’t have groups I run with. I just love being the spectacle. I know I’m capable of running the race, but I also know I’m capable of doing it while wearing something that will entertain others that are running, so why wouldn’t I?

How about some recommendations and a random thought to finish it?

Board Games: Twilight Imperium 3, Munchkin, Scoville, and Doomworks. I’m in the middle of customizing my copy of TI3 right now, so if you’re a fan, let’s talk.

Plants: Grow a Moringa tree if you’re in the right climate! They’re awesome. No matter what, check out the species. I’m willing to offer a couple of my own seeds, but I just planted my first batch a few weeks ago, so if you can wait 8-10 months, let me know.

Home Repair: Learn it. As an accountant by trade, aside from my board games, physically working on my house is one of my favorite de-stressors. Just did pull-out shelving in the kitchen as a 4th of July project.

I really miss the silence outside from the combination of very cold winter weather and a small town.

Nick, thank you for helping me think about what to write. The Queen would be furious!! **wink wink**

I always love talking to new people. Please drop me a line, anytime.

Chris Pings
[email protected]
Tucson, AZ

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