Falling in love for your sex buddy, & other failed relationships

July 09 2014

My turn has finally arrived - after being on the Listserve for 2 years - and I don't know what to say.
Usually I'm a bright and cheerful person, but hey, it's easier to admit in front of 20.000 strangers rather than in front of my close ones, I've had a quite hard time lately.

I’ve never been able to commit to someone, tell them I liked them, and call them when I wanted to.
I fell in love for my sex buddy, never told him, got offended when he dated other girls, and then disappeared from his life.
I fell in love with a married man, who broke apart his life - but never dared to ask him to come back to me.
I never fell in love with the men that were in love with me, for some reason.

What is the secret of love? Why don’t I get it?
I see my friends - I’m 27 - getting married, or in stable and healthy relationships, or even just in love with someone, and I have to say, I envy them, because they know.

I want to change my life, and I’m looking for a place to start, so if you’re in London, and you’re looking for someone to meet, just notify me.

[email protected]

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