If you see me running, try and keep up.

July 08 2014

Greetings Listserve! :)

I was wondering/dreading whether or not this would come around to me someday. It seems that the law of large numbers takes its toll to everyone. Perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket this week.

My name is Chris Boden, I work for The Geek Group as a High Voltage/High Energy Physicist. That's a five-dollar way of saying "If you see me running, try to catch up".

I have come to realize that my typical day is a bit, well, off the rails insane for the average person and I thought you guys might perhaps get a kick out of it. My average day at work consists of various combinations of the following.

Giant robots, lasers, explosions, power generators up to 2.4 Million volts (that will throw a 20-foot arc across the room), Impulse generators up to 1.8 Billion Watts (at about 300,000 Amps), rockets, 3D printers, and god knows how many computers to make it all work together.

It's basically Geek Heaven, and I wanted to share it with you guys, because you're all invited, in whatever level you like. Since I'm limited to only 600 words and no links, I'll do the best I can.

We're the largest non-profit Makerspace / Hackerspace in the world, a place where anyone with a sincere and passionate desire to learn can come and take their ideas from concept to creation. It's like if you could hang out at NASA and build anything you want. A simple Google search for "The Geek Group" will get you right there.

Check out the youtube channel by searching "geekgrouphq" on YouTube, if you're a science nerd, you're going to love it. My personal favorite is the "Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong" series.

I personally keep a day-to-day video blog of all of the behind the scenes insanity from my perspective. You can find me on YouTube as username "physicsduck".

We have over 35,000 members spread all around the world, and I would like to personally invite all of you (and your Geek friends) to come and build your dreams into things. The entire mission is just to help people explore science and technology, I want to make the world a smarter place because I believe that the majority of the problems in the world are solved by making people a bit smarter. Stupid people tend to cause a lot of problems. We need smart people to fix them.

Have fun guys! Have fun, and explore something new today!

Chris Boden
[email protected]
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

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