Recent Events

June 21 2014

In the past 30 days:
- Most my grandmother to old age
- Moved 4 times (I got really good at stuffing things cars)
- Got a new job in a new city

In the past 7 days:
- Moved to my (hopefully) final residency for the duration of this summer
- Jumped through numerous hoops to get a place to park my car (it's a pain)
- Jumped through some more hoops to get an ID that I need for my current living situation

Yesterday (Father's Day):
- Broke up with my girlfriend
- Had my wallet and watch stolen from my room where I'm currently living

Today (Day after Father's Day):
- Spent the morning cancelling cards and trying to get replacements for the things that were in my wallet
- Got an email saying I won the listserve

But now I'm just sitting in my room, eating pizza, and writing about the recent events of my life.

Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or random tidbits of information.

Michael Solomon
[email protected]
Boston, MA

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