Malual Chuol Khor, the Skimm, and 30x30

June 20 2014

A Dedication:
A few weeks ago I received an email that one of my colleagues, Malual Chuol Khor, known as “Moses” was killed. Moses was a community health worker who got shot while assessing children’s nutrition and hunger needs in Akobo East, South Sudan. I never had the opportunity to meet Moses but consider him a colleague. Most of us on the Listserve will probably never know someone so brave, inspiring, and selfless. He deserves special recognition for his efforts to help children in some of the toughest places on earth. 

A Suggestion:
Subscribe to The Skimm. Just heard about this recently… It’s an email newsletter sent each the morning – rich in content but short enough to read on the quickest of train rides. Written with some wit, it’s also non-partisan and has occasional pop culture references. There’s a lot going on in the world – think of this as the top 10 most important tweets in your twitter newsfeed.

A Request:
I created 30 x 30 bucket list, and in 110 days I turn 30 years old. Right now the list is actually a 29 X 30 list. What's the last thing I should add to the list? You can find me at @jleec2 or the email below.

Jenna Cluver
[email protected]

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