On time and puppies

May 31 2014

I miss my dad.

This is not a sad story. I have learned, over time, that missing someone is not that bad. In fact, if I can resume my life so far, this is what I can say about it for sure: missing someone, be it a father who died, a friend who left you or the one that got away, is something that somehow pushes you forward & upward, in all the right ways you need to be as a person.

What I miss about my dad the most is probably the things he missed, too. Like seeing me graduate high school. Or college. Seeing me get a job and then quit it. Seeing me heartbroken.

I miss him on my birthday. And on his. And I still write to him on March 19th, every year.

A good friend one day told me how lucky I am for all the things I have left of my dad. My passion for reading, my career choices, my love for eyewear, my collection of toy bunnies, the stories he told me, the ones he wrote. If I leave behind only half of what my dad left, I am one very lucky woman. But what he left behind, more than anything, is time. Time to remember him and to miss him.

All of us who lost someone are richer, in fact, than we believe, because we have all this time and all these stories to tell.

I read today that it took a company 45 days to create and send out an official tweet. It got me wondering how we choose to spend our time & how others see this. For some people at that company, 45 days to create 140 characters might seem like a good investment. For some other people in media & advertising, it might seem downright overkill. And for some other people, it really does not matter one bit, due to the fact that, well, they might be fighting for their life right now, or getting married, or packing for a vacation, or

living in a refugee camp.

I believe that if it is time well spent, for you, it does not matter if it is 4,5 seconds, 45 minutes or 45 days. All that matters are the stories that are born at the end of a timeframe & how much they mean something to you in the great scheme of things.

Think about these:

- the rush you feel when you get an amazing idea which you really, really don’t want to waste, like some others you might have had

- the way you sprint towards someone warm, kind, generous and lovely you long to see again, after some time,

- the furious way you stick your key in the lock when you FINALLY get home to your loved one after a hard, long, terrible day,

- the impatience with which you wait for a bus, taxi or whatever, when you know what awaits you at the end of your journey,

- the haste in which you brush your teeth in the morning, when you know that this is the morning when you will do something Grand,

- and the incredible slowness with which you find the time to remember all these little urgencies in your life.

Oh, and the puppies in the title? It was a trick to get you to read so far. But since you have: get them, they are awesome. My family and I had 5 at a time and oh, the stories I could tell.

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