Free tour of Freeport, ME

May 05 2014

This is going to be short because I am trying to live more mindfully as a remedy to my insomnia. Of course, that's also the reason why I forgot to respond to this e-mail on time. As my yoga teacher has been fond of saying lately, "Let it go, Let it go, Let it go..."

I live in Freeport, Maine. Let me know if you ever want a free tour of my town. I will show you the best places to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I will tell you all about L.L. Bean, and I'll show you some quiet places to go hiking. I'll also show you the spot that I accidentally found a geocache, and probably introduce you to some cool people. I'll also show you the building that I climbed in broad daylight. I might even be able to make you some lemonade. Basically, it will be an excellent experience. So, add me in to your contacts; and if you are anywhere near Maine, stop by for a visit!

PS: To put it colloquially, I have read some pretty epic Listserve emails since joining the community in 2012. Thank you Michelle Glauser, for your email about love and being a woman in the tech industry; Joel Howard, for sharing your painful divorce experience; Ekaterina, for writing my favorite life-advice e-mail. I want to thank many others (including the author of the hilarious e-mail that only included a few random symbols, letters and numbers), but I need to get back to where I am in the present moment.

"Imagine your ideals. Then, make them real." From a fortune cookie.

PS PS: I'm always interested in networking!

Jonathan Erde
[email protected]
Freeport, ME / Auburn, ME

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