Thank you Listserve Gods!

May 04 2014

Having thoughts about death does not mean you are suicidal. In fact, I have just pictured all of you attending my funeral. Yes, that was an invitation for y'all to come to my funeral one day.

The only way I can cope with death is by making light, decently funny jokes. But we all encounter death somewhere in our lives so here is my only advice (besides attempting to make light jokes): dont sit around moaning and saying,"why why?!?!?" Get off your butt and see how you can fill that void that just left you. The best way to commemorate someone is to take something they did or loved and make sure it isn't forgotten. I know someone who died that loves cooking so heres a recipe:

6 large potatoes and one large onion grated together.

A quarter cup of oil into a frying pan until sizzling.

Mix 6 large eggs and pour the mixture above into a large bowl.

Pour the hot oil on top of the mixture and mix together with compassion.

Add salt and pepper. Amount to your liking.

Add in about three cups of love.

Pour into a Lasagna size tin.

Preheat oven to 500.

Put under broiler for 15 minutes until brown.

Change to bake at 425 degrees for approximately 70 minutes.

If you know someone who died share something they loved or were passionate about and pass it on!

You are all awesome and I feel like I have 26,000 friends because of you.

Also, if no body else signs up for listserve you will all get picked in at least 65 years!!! So until then, enjoy life.

I want to take time to mention to people who I truly adore. My favorite girl in the world Noadia S-S! I wish a you all have the opportunity I had to meet her.

Also Andrew Pitkoff is solid.

If you are ever in the tri-state area and you want to go skiing, hiking, golfing, scuba diving or want to debate brat pack movies and the question of theodicy, please feel free to shoot me an email.

I also love tea and my mom!

Josh Weiss
[email protected]
New Jersey

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