What would YOU do?

April 23 2014

Hey happy campers,

Ever had a "Heart of Darkness" moment? Where you find yourself peering down a very black tunnel, looking for a glimpse of light. But instead of light, you see your darkest self?

You know the one. Though you won't want to admit it. Not even you, that gave birth to this creature, can bear to look at it. You've hidden it from even your closest, dearest, most intimate friend, lover, partner, self. The chill grabs your gut, freezes your brain, stops your heart. You, at your worst, when nothing can stop you from destroying everything you've tried to create.

Method, reason, love, ideals... all cancers you must, this very moment, root out and obliterate.

You struggle to understand, but it's stronger than you. It doesn't matter how you approach this moment: THIS moment has no compassion, no logic, no morals. This is decay, entropy, nothing. Christianity without resurrection, Islam without Allah, Buddhism without enlightment, you without any redeeming values.

No, it can't be! Life, love, technology, lol cats, the royal we... must always find a solution.

But, no. You're pissing your pants, you're swallowing hard and you're silently screaming for mercy from a merciless self. There are no extenuating circumstances. No denying. It's all your responsibility and yours alone.

Another moment and you and your world will be infinitely sadder and poorer. You know it. Done or not done; you've allowed it to happen.

You've shat your principles. Lost all sense of direction. It's a forced march. There's no turning back. No destination.

From this hellhole that is your new reality, what would YOU do?

David M
[email protected]
Ground 0

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