Life lecture learned in Germany

March 16 2014

My name is Peter and I am from Slovakia. There are few things to share with so many people I do not know :)

Germany - It was my dream to work abroad. Few months after graduating I got chance to get a job in Germany as a project manager/SEO specialist. The problem was, I had to leave my friends and family in just 2 weeks, what appeared to me as the hardest thing. The challenge was really big: getting used to new people, new language, new culture and becoming profi in areas I hadnt had relevant experiences before. After two and half months I was fired.

I was thinking a lot about this experience and got following conclusion:

1. "I do not regret the things I've done, but those I did not do." (Rory Cochrane) - Sometimes we are stucked in deciding whether to do something or not. In my opinion it is worthwhile to give a try. Staying in Germany gave me life lecture I would not get otherwise in 10 years.

2. Give 100% to anything. Nobody is perfect. It is not fair to blame yourself in case you didn´t succeed. More important is to do everything you are able and qualified to. If you know you made you best, do not care with thoughs about lost opportunity, but prepare for those upcoming!

3. Be happy to share your time with friend and family - In my opinion, this is how one can live his/her life peacefully and satisfied. Having just enough money or perfect job is not enough, if we do not have people to share it with. Schedule appointment with your friends or family today and enjoy any moment you can be with them.

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Brno, Czech Republic

ps. I like two things : coincidence and travelling. I would be pleased to get in touch with someone who read these lines one day. Feel free to respond :)

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