A suggestion and an opportunity.

March 15 2014

I knew what I would say to the group if I ever won. I knew from the very day I signed up for the Listserve. It was not the reason that I signed up but nevertheless I knew and will get to that reason in the third paragraph. Please keep reading to that point but first a suggestion for the administrators of the Listserve.

I would like to see an archive site. Maybe by month and year. A site that will provide a link to reread the emails from the winners on a certain date. It would also be nice to have a rating system and comments thread for the people on the Listserve to be able to continue with or start some conversations. I have kept several of the emails that I enjoyed and conversed with a few people along the way. Special mentions to: Fred, Manuel Loureiro, Leah R, M Willis, Charles Austin, Jason Rosenbaum, Jennifer Cox, Adam, Ariel A, Yakira Levy, Lief Bloomquist, John Huber, Chris Powell, Alyissa and Anthony Albright. I have kept your emails and enjoy them for varied reasons. That is why I would like to see an archive site.

Now on to my turn. I started writing a book just last week. I was going to start last year but decided more research was in order and waited. I was hoping that I would have my turn this year because I wanted to ask the People of Listserve for help. I am writing a book about science, philosophy, and religion and their interplay. I would like to get input and opinions from a varied group and the Listserve is the very best group I can think of for that. It spans most cultures, religions, education levels and geographical areas in the world as best I can tell. In essence, it is perfect for what I would like to request.

So here is the request: please reply to the email address below with your email address. Later this year and as need dictates I will send you a few questions and ask for your opinions on the subject material above. If enough people reply and I have a significantly sized group it will become a cited source in the book. Basically you can become part of a poll group. I promise not send too much and will never ask for anything other than your email and opinion. Once the book is completed I will let you know and you can see what you are a part of.

[email protected]

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16 NASB)

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