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March 13 2014

I'm listening ''Is it my body?'' by Alice Cooper while writing this, you all will notice how unstable this letter is, also, I tend to start talking about something but end up with a different thing, also y'all can call me Miitcher, that's how most of my friends call me, back to Alice, I will meet him on my birthday (08/29)! strangely, there's a bittersweet feeling inside that makes me think ''wow, I'm very old''.

It's like having a midlife crisis at my 20's, did any of you been thru that feeling?

Is it suffering the reason our hearts grow old? Let that sink in.
Short story: last year I met Steven Tyler and I was so nervous that started to dry crying after I talked him, what? you don't know what ''dry crying'' is?

That is when you're so overwhelmed that you can't even deal with your own self, literally I found myself crying ''outside in''.
Then again, Je ne sais pas where I'm heading anymore, by this time, I was supposed to be somewhere else, to be honest, I was expecting more from myself.

I'm a photographer and also started to run a blog with one of my friends, that it's pretty much about music, fashion brands and the impact they have in society and 90's shows that me and my best friend miss a lot, we decided to call it The True Blog.

Since a young age I started traveling, my first trip was to Barbados and I'm coming back in a couple of months.

Short story: what I do most of the time of the year is going to concerts, so, once I asked Ozzy Osbourne: ''Ozzyyyyy, can you choke me?''

Yeahh, I know, please don't tell me how ridiculous that sounds, thank God there were only five people in the room when I asked that.

Did I say where I'm from? well, if you look at a map, there's a really tiny country, called El Salvador.

I wonder if Lady Gaga is subscribed to the listserve, can you imagine getting a e-mail from her?

it would be cool, a couple years ago I lost a piece of my heart, my grandma, men, I swear she was like, the coolest human being ever and I still love her, the same way I loved her the first day I saw her.

Last short story:
Marilyn Manson, Tampa, if any of the people who was backstage is here: HELLO EVERYONE!

Meeting this man was awesome, I literally ran to him and gave him a huge hug, he hugged me back too, I gave him action figures of Vilma and Scooby, the main topic was Scooby Doo, I told him literally everything and more!
When the girl was about to take our picture, I threw my leg right over him and told him ''Believe me, it will look great for the photo''

I'm laughing while writing this, he probably don't even remember any of this.

That's it guys!

Now let me hear about you!

What would the perfect blog be like? tell me by your own words

Are any of you catching the last Motley Crüe tour? my instagram is the name I said you could call me like at the beginning.

What do you guys do for fun?

Michelle Fletcher
[email protected]
Somewhere, about to take a plane

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