An Easier and Faster Way to Grow Up

March 12 2014

I think that I, like the most of you, wonder when or whether we are going to be chosen to write here. But now that I have been chosen, it's hard to come up with a subject.

So I'll start introducing myself. Hi! My name is Thais, I'm 18 years old and I live in one of the biggest cities in the world, Sao Paulo - Brazil. I've just been back from an exchange program; I spent a whole year in Australia thanks to an organization called Rotary International.

And that is what I was going to talk about: Travel and why you should travel (more). But I must confess that I was starting to get bored myself. So, instead, I want to recommend you a method that can help you grow (whether professionally, socially or personally). Now that I’m 18, I’m becoming responsible for more and more things, so I must apply more discipline into my life.

This method was suggested by an important bank president from Wall Street, New York. He said:
“I keep an agenda where I write down all the appointments that I have that day. My family never makes any plans for me on Saturday evenings, because they know I use these evenings to process and exam my conscience and then review and evaluate it.

After dinner I open my agenda and remember all the things I had to do during the week.

I ask myself: ‘What are the mistakes I made during the week?’

‘What did I do that was correct? What are the things I could’ve done better?’

‘What can I learn from this experience?’

I’ve felt unhappy many times when processing my agenda. It surprises me the number of things I did wrong. But, of course, after some time the number of mistakes you make become smaller and smaller. I even congratulate myself from time to time.

This method of self-analysis, self-education, year after year, has done more to me than any other thing I’ve ever tried. It’s been helping me to improve my capability to make decisions and to deal with people.

I can’t recommend it but with much enthusiasm “

Yes, you should travel as many times as possible like I was going to write about. But I think you should definitely try this new method and see how it goes. You’ll probably learn most of the things during your life anyway, but I think this way should be easier and faster. What do you think? And if you do try it, I’d love to hear from you!

All the very best,
Tudo de melhor,

Thaís Alves
[email protected]
São Paulo, Brazil

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