So I waited until the last minute

March 07 2014

And now i'm oscillating between just rickrolling/bellair-ing everyone and giving some insipid advice like 'be kind.'

Like: "this is a story all about how Kurt Vonnegut is never gonna give you up?" or something.

Oh, right! Advice! Hmm...Read more Borges?

And definitely take yourself less seriously. Well except for those things that are super important, you should totally be serious about those things.

Eat more or less kale, depending on your preferences.

Always devote yourself to worthy pursuits. Like oh hey Bill (who I know is reading this), remember that time you spent like 10 hours trying to get a video game corpse into a video game glass case? Good times.

Oof. This basically turned into a somehow less intelligible Eddie
Izzard-style list of left-behind commandments (e.g. "never put jam on a magnet"). Sorry everyone. Good news though, super earnest replies will most likely be back tomorrow!

Alex B
Boston, MA, USA

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