I never knew I was strong

March 06 2014

Every time I write, I know that what I’m trying to say will never get across in the way that I want it to. I’m out of practice, I can never find the words I need and I’m a really terrible speller. But actually, writing this email, I have no idea what I’m going to say. So consider this an experiment.

I am a college senior pursuing a degree in graphic design and marketing. And I have a lot of questions. I guess that’s appropriate, since one of the largest events of my short life is approaching much too quickly. That being said, I feel that I am in no position to give anybody any sort of advice and honestly I feel like any wisdom I may have had has been drowned out by many recent nights (and some days) of beer and tequila running seamlessly into working on my design thesis until sunrise. But hey, it’s only in college that I can get away with posting a video of myself chugging a beer with pickle juice on the Internet, right?

If there is anything that I feel I need to take this opportunity to say, it’s this: The people who love me have changed my life. As much as I am confused, overwhelmed and questioning the future, I know that I am strong and resilient and I can face whatever graduation brings. It wasn’t long ago that I didn’t know these things. It’s not that I thought I was weak, I just never knew I was strong. I never understood that people saw a confidence in me because I never knew it existed. I quietly questioned myself, my decisions, my appearance, every single day.

There have been a few particular people in my life the past few years that have completely changed how I look at myself, my potential for happiness, love, and success. Their selfless words and actions have made me such a better version of myself, and because of them I will always pay this forward. They fuel my love of life, my creativity, my terrible dance moves, and a happiness that I didn’t know I was missing. Although I still can cry over the smallest of things, I know it’s just because I am so filled with love and appreciation. So I want to publicly say thank you to these people for allowing me to learn who I am. I’m so sorry I don’t say it more often. I really hope you know who you are, and I love you.

Well, I honestly did not think that this was going to be so soppy, but with the weight of almost 25,000 pairs of eyes I felt a strong urge to say something important. This is honestly the most important thing I can say, although I’m sure it was diluted by spelling mistakes and run on sentences.

Well, this is also important: I am seeking employment post graduation doing anything design related in New York City. I have no idea what kind of place I want to work, where I am going to live, or what my new life will be like. All I know is that I need to surround myself with these kinds of people who make me this better version of myself. If you have any advice about how to tackle the next stage of my life or any ideas for cool job opportunities, please send me an email.

Sarah Healy
[email protected]
St. Louis, MO

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