March 04 2014


I've read most of the things that listserve sent to me. Enjoyed it a bunch.

Never thought I would be picked to say things to all of you. So what things should I say?

I am what most would consider an old woman. Technology only got really started in my early twenties. I love technology and hope to live long enough to enjoy some of the new things that I know will be here. A few days ago I discovered a web site that made gif files look 3D. Got to say I am impressed. A small thing but interesting.

The internet is ....... for me........... a wonderful place to learn new things. A great place to see photos of places I will never go.

So many minds serving up so much. Things my generation would have never thought of. I just love it.

There is one part though that I would like to see more of. It would be something that would help old people like me meet other old people. No, not a dating site. I don't know what kind of site it could be but something that would help people my age meet each other. Maybe a club of some sort. I just don't know.

If anyone reading this has ideas I would like to hear them.

I live in Nevada and the longest lasting relationship I had came from meeting a person at a Keno machine. Of course, I was about twenty years younger then. We would still be together if he had not decided he had lived long enough with his health problems and died.

I am also curious about the people using list serve. What sort of age mix do we have here? Until I got my chance to talk to all of you I thought it was all just young people.

So, I would like to hear from any of you that would like to e mail me. If you could use advice about how not to do things I might be able to help. Some say I am a walking disaster when it comes to doing anything in a kitchen for example.

Lona Curtis
[email protected]
las vegas nv.....usa

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