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February 09 2014

Hey all...

So I'm actually American but I'm currently studying abroad in Ireland for a semester. I'm from Ashland, Oregon, where we have a really amazing Shakespeare festival (you should all come). In college, I'm studying comparative/international politics. I'm kind of obsessed with travel. So if you have any recommendations for unusual but awesome places to visit, by all means let me know. I also like reading, baking, doing puzzles (of all kinds), walking, writing poetry, and other activities that I can't think of right now.

I've also kind of abandoned my plans for the future. I haven't given up on my future or anything of that sort. Rather, I have just accepted that I'll probably end up bouncing around between locations/careers/goals because I'm easily swayed by chance. If you have any ideas of awesome jobs that involve travel, let me know!

Since I haven't come up with a cohesive idea of what to say, I'm just going to list some random thoughts that have popped into my mind over the last 48 hours.

If you are ever traveling in Jerusalem on a Friday evening you should go to the wailing wall at sundown and after the prayers look around for a random rabbi who is shouting orders at a crowd of confused looking young people. If you do this, you will hopefully be assigned to go to a wonderful shabbat dinner with a really nice Jewish family for free. It's awesome!

If you live or are traveling in Dublin, we should get coffee! (or if you're in Ashland, Oregon at some point in the future).

Real eyes realize real lies. (I didn't think of this)

I just heard an NPR piece about a Swiss company called Algordanza that makes diamonds out of the ashes from a cremation. Kind of creepy. Kind of cool. In a way, it's a beautiful idea.

Anyway, good luck with life!

Clara Kerwin
[email protected]
Dublin, Ireland

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