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February 08 2014

I think it's fascinating that I signed up for listserve, without really expecting to win.
I guess I just thought it's so unlikely that I never gave it a lot of thought.

I'm a 22 year old Geology Student in Vienna, Austria.
All I want to say about Geology is this: We don't just study 'boring' rocks,
what's really fascinating is getting the big picture about everything on this earth, understanding how almost everything is connected.

What i really want to talk about is this:
I love good books, i really do! So some time ago i came to the conclusion that i should read more.
What I did was to try if I could read one book per week for a year. No matter how thick, just one book per week.
(I also kept a list and wrote down how many pages I had read, just to see how much it would be in average) So I ended this last year with book number 58.
And I'm continuing in this year with a new list.
The interesting thing is this: Once i got used to reading a lot, you wouldn't want to stop.
I read somewhere that people who don't read live just one life, while readers can live as many lives as they want in their books. Of course, you can't take that literally, but it has a very nice ring to it. And maybe even a bit of Truth?!

I will leave you with this: If you enjoy to read, make time for it. If you're really motivated you can try one book/week and see if you beat me.
If I should recommend one book to anyone, and it couldn't be more than one, it's this:
Khalil Gibran – The Prophet
Even if you have only very little time, please try to find it and read it (It's only about 100 pages long).
In my opinion, Khalil Gibran was not just a wise man, but rather something closer to a genius. A genius with a poet's soul, maybe?

Shout outs:
Samuel: for introducing me to the listserve!
Flo: for enjoying bad puns and joining the listserve on my advice ;)

To the rest of you: Greeting from Austria!
Feel free to write me!
Tell me what you think about 'The Prophet', or recommend some good books to me, or just write me for the sake of it :)

Michael Oester
[email protected]
Vienna, Austria

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