Surprised winner

January 25 2014

Like many others who have gone before me, I was surprised to win the Listserve Lottery, and then puzzled and baffled. What would I write about that anyone would want to hear? I'm not a big fan of "rules to live by" or "what I've learned" kind of stories.

I am quite a bit older than many of you. I am sometimes technically-challenged when it comes modern devices, although I love my tablet and would give up my TV in a heartbeat rather than my computer. What interests me? I love books and music, and I live surrounded by them. Every room in my house has a book-case and they're all full. Regular culling, although painful, is a necessity. Although I own an E-reader, I just cannot adjust to using it. The feel, look and heft of a book means so much to me. If I go into someone's house and there are no books lying around, it feels sterile and empty. I couldn't imagine living there. I am always accepting recommendations for the next book.

The same goes for music. I have an MP3 player, and like the convenience, but to my mind one of the joys of opening up a new CD is the liner notes, the list of credits, the photos. I'm a music geek, as interested in the back-up musicians and producers as I am in the artist. I own hundreds of CDs that cover every genre from country music to classical, and look forward to my daily notices from Amazon about what's happening this week. When a new album comes out, I love to find the hidden gem that might otherwise never reach my ears. I thank the CBC every day for introducing me to new artists.

That's about all I can offer you in 600 words. There is one rule I would offer, in spite of what I said in my first paragraph: Trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, it almost assuredly is. This is much truer than its opposite. If something feels right, it isn't necessarily so. Think twice.

Joanne Seright
[email protected]
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

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