I Want To Make Your Portrait

January 24 2014

Greetings from Sagada, Philippines. Figures that I'd get my turn (and 48-hour reply window) while on a four-day sojourn.

Hi, I'm Mike. I take pictures. Right now I live in New York, but that's going to change later this year, when I begin what will basically be a very long word tour. Along the way, I want to make your portrait.

You don't even need to put me up (though it would be totally rad if you did) or anything. Just email me to let me know you're interested and if-slash-when I find myself in your neck of the woods I'll drop you a line.

For the sake of sanity I'm going to cap the list to the first 100 responses, though I'll keep everyone's names in case I'm able to open up to more later on. If you'd like to see samples of my work, just visit the domain on my email address (that doesn't count as sharing a link, does it?)

Looking forward to meeting all of you!

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a long-view project. I don't expect to start my trek until much later this year, and even then it'll first be six months in the Philippines and a one year US road trip before I start moving on to other areas. I'll try to squeeze in random visits here and there, but realistically it could be years before I get to you (much like the listserv!). Also as such, be sure to give me an email address you'll still be using in a couple years. Better safe than sorry.

Mike Ricca
[email protected]
Sagada, Philippines

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