Happiness at work

August 07 2013

I am an Indie game developer with couple of my own games already built. Also I have 8 years of web development experience under my belt. Never stopped learning!
At the age of 12 I already knew what I wanted to do (make games and tell computers do what I want them to do!). And never could understand those who did not know. And do not know even today. So.. find what you love to do! Because if you love what you do, eventually you will be very proficient at that. And rewards (money, satisfaction) will come for your outstanding work, which will be like a hobby to you. And others will benefit from that. Equals Happiness.

One should re-read a book of 37signals founders called "REWORK" each year. Just to make sure not to drift away from great things/ideas/common sense. It's full of short essays.

Favorite quote: "The fastest way to get an engineer to solve a problem is to declare that the problem is unsolvable. No engineer can walk away from an unsolvable problem until it’s solved."

I know I'll have something better in mind to write to you after I hit send... Will write that down for the next listserve win! :)
Stay positive, stay awesome!

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