The real sex revolution

August 06 2013

One of the things that have always filled me with curiosity is men’s attitude towards female sexuality. Even though they are supposed to want sex all the time, every time a girl actually satisfies that craving, most men act like real jerks and make her feel bad and not worthy of their attention/respect/kindness.

I will drop a bomb at you: women love sex. From my experience, I think that girls like sex even more than guys, but the rules that our western society has imposed to all of us, prevents us from really making the best of what nature has given us. I ask you guys: Do you have a part of your body which whole existence is just related to your pleasure? We do. Can you literally spend all your day having sex non-stop? We actually could (with proper training and the adequate inspiration :P)

So, why is all the fuzz with girls enjoying pleasure? Why do you think that the time that a girl prevents you from seeing her naked is directly proportional to their worth as a human being/possible partner.

What I think is that guys that think that are absolute jerks. And I have found the perfect way to spot them and get them out of your life: sleep with them. If you do that, and they never pursue anything else with you, it is because they are not worthy of your time. If you let yourself go and enjoy the moment, and he is able to notice that you are beautiful human being after seeing you naked, then you can see where things take you both.

So let’s start a revolution! The day in which all girls are able to enjoy sex with the people they are attracted to without being judged, that will be the day in which men will have to find more things to value in women than how much time can they hold sex. And that day, my friends, I think we will all be a little bit happier. Or, at least, have more fun.

Alejandra Costa
[email protected]
Lima, Peru

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