Gluten free beer

May 17 2013

Hey everybody,

I'm a wine and beer buyer in San Francisco. No deep thoughts today, just me whinging on the lack of GF beer available. Or the lack of GF beer that doesn't taste like yak urine. There are some decent "low gluten" beers out there, such as Omission, Brunehaut, Stubbe pilsner, and to a lesser extent Estrella Damm. Due to an FDA ruling about a year ago or so ago, "no beer made with gluten ingredients, even with gluten filtered out can be labeled as GF." That wording is mine, but you get the drift. Those are decent to good, but should not be consumed by those with Celiac. That pretty much leaves the sorghum based , um, "beer". The less said about them the better. I keep hearing about new breweries like Harvester in Oregon who are doing interesting sounding things with ingredients such as chestnuts and sweet potatoes. Hmmm. It feels like we are on the cusp of a new wave of GF beer that perhaps, just perhaps, won't suck. Or a fella can dream... Anyone out there know of anything new and interesting in this regard ? Give me a shout.! Or just say hi.

Chris Dosher
San Francisco
[email protected]

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