May 16 2013

she woke one morning and realized that she could not move her legs. Panic. Then disbelief how can this be, how could it happen. what do I do now? After half an hour of wallowing in every emotion she decided she needed a plan, how to get to a phone to make a call, after falling off the bed and crawling to her phone who to call friend, doctor, finally choosing mom, complicated but a good decision. Practical mom. The ambulance delivered her to the hospital with no complication how valuable a gurney, not something you think about every day! The doctors prodded poked and tested, no answer no reason just fact. How can it be in this day and age no answer, we think modern medicine has all answers. After two weeks, one morning, just like it started feeling back in her legs. Now what do you do, how do change your life, do you celebrate or rue the loss of two weeks?

New York
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