20 minute shrimp

April 26 2013

Hello everyone! I am so fazed that I hit the lottery! I am responding to it late so I'm not sure they will ever post what I'm writing. I only have a few things to say.

* Shrimp is always best when cooked for at least 20 minutes.
* People sometimes get me confused with PanCakes.
* Some people wonder if we are one in the same.
* Fazers always demand proof.
* What are you wearing today?
* In my free time I love to carelessly whisper. I belong to a great online forum. I spend most of my free time there. I feel very loved, but also hated at the same time.
* Don't forget to smash it in the driveway.
* You know what happens up the back stairs...
* Double dot ..
* Please use the word Thank! at least once today.
* ...right over the handle bars.

And last but not least...
* rustycar.jpg
* rustycar.jpg
* rustycar.jpg

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