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April 25 2013

**Not going to tell you how to live your life!

I'm sick of the listserve- really. And with such strict guidelines there's little room for creativity.

Nothing to say to 20,000+ people. Plenty I would love to share in person (including critiques of this project!).

If you're in Montreal, are visiting, or will visit, email me and we'll blind (friend!) date.

If you live in any other area of the world I likely want to visit so also email and we can maybe connect on couchsurfing or something like that.

I probably sound like a grouch-I'm really not, but does it matter oh-person-from-who-knows-where-but-likely-from-the-US-of-A?

Peace, love, and lots of hugs,

[email protected]
Montreal, QC

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