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March 12 2013

I had thought about what I would write if I got selected for the Listserve Lottery and could never really decide. I (slightly) panicked when I opened up my inbox and saw that I was selected. I have nothing wise or inspiring to say. I barely know what I'm doing myself, I can't give people advice. I stared at a blank document for a while before just deciding to talk about what I know best: my nephews and pop culture.

I have two adorable nephews, AJ (17 months) and Mattie (almost 8 months), and another nephew (AJ's little brother) due in August. Being an aunt is the coolest job in the world. I'm determined to be the cool aunt I never had. The kind who lets you stay up past bedtime watching Doctor Who or Star Trek and will run around the yard with you pretending to be superheroes. The kind who knows peanut better and jelly sandwiches taste better with no crust, that some days are just lazy pj days, and who bakes cookies for no reason. I want my nephews to know how much they're adored but not be spoiled. I refuse to be the person with the screaming child they can't control that ruins everyone's mood. Seriously people, teach your kids manners. Maybe trying saying no every once in a while.

It's amazing the things you find yourself doing/saying when you're with a little kid. 'Stop trying to eat the kitty, AJ, Kitty doesn't like that.' 'Yes, you do have to wear your shoes. Pants too.' I've sung countless rounds of Soft Kitty and mangled rock songs to get a cranky baby to just chill out for five minutes. I've watched enough Curious George and PBSkids shows to have them show up in my dreams. I've carried a meowing toddler around a store. I've watched AJ ignore everything at the park in order to play (and try to eat) in the dirt. I've watched Mattie ignore toys so he can play with a slipper. I've played airplane until my arms ached just because it makes them light up. At some point you will find yourself saying 'Seriously? How did you manage to do this in the time it took me to blink?' or melting into a pile of goo when they climb in your lap just to cuddle. And then you can pass them back to their parents when it's time for a nap or diaper change.

I'm always looking for new bands/movies/tv shows/books/comedians/manga/anime/web comics/websites so if you have any recommendations please send them. Music is always playing on my computer, mostly alternative and indie rock although I listen to almost everything. I never go anywhere without my mp3 player, almost like a security blanket. Right now my favorite band is The Gaslight Anthem. Brian Fallon has the greatest voice I've ever heard. If you've never heard them, you can find their songs on youtube, go look them up. Dropkick Murphys are another must hear band. I'm a diehard Whovian and a recently converted Trekkie. Doctor Who is amazing. What other show can switch from the past to an alien planet to the future and still make sense? Captain Kirk is awesome, whether its The Original Series or the Reboot 'Verse. My goal is to watch every episode of Doctor Who and try every spinoff of Star Trek. I can trace my odd sense of humor back to discovering Monty Python and Douglas Adams as a kid. Tvtropes and Cracked are both addictive and I can easily lose hours on those sites. If you've never been to PostSecret you should check it out. I really love reading Fanfiction for pretty much everything.

Feel free to email me. Send me the name of your favorite band/book/movie/recipe. Tell me about your day or your life. Send a joke. I'll email back and would love to be pen pals with anyone who's interested.

Nicole M-
[email protected]
North Carolina

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