Pretty earrings

March 04 2013

I like details.Sometimes I wish I could take pictures whenever I blink my eyes. To save that detail for later.

When I'm waiting for the bus or in the middle of a crowd, I imagine the lives of the people around me: that woman is wondering what she'll cook for dinner for her husband, mom and 2 and 4-year-old kids. Oh. She has pretty earrings. That boy has a small birth mark on his left cheek and wishes he could get a new pair of sneakers for his birthday. That sweet old lady is looking at me and wants to talk. I say hi and smile. She smiles back and 10 minutes later I know all about her family.

If I get nervous or need to gather my thoughts, I do origami. Focusing on the way I need to fold the paper is relaxing.

I inhale deeply after someone passes by me in the street. Besides perfume, people have their own smell and it's as unique as a fingerprint (but not always pleasant).

Going for a run under pouring rain and against strong wind makes me feel powerful. "If we can face this, we can face everything in life". That's what my mom says.

Sometimes I talk to myself in french because…erm…I feel like it.

Right now I'm going to watch this week's video lectures from my "Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life" online course on Coursera. I'll be a doctor in 2 years but need to run away from the medicine bubble every once in a while.

Wish you all a bright day.

Maria Laranjinha
[email protected]
Coimbra, Portugal

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