Just being there...

March 03 2013

To all the people out there who we depend on to 'just be there' when we need you most. And those of who are constantly working to protect us. Thank you.

I recently took an opportunity to spend a 12 hour shift shadowing an Ambulance crew in an fairly typical mid sized city in the UK. It gave me a brief and touching glimpse of raw humanity. Sitting there in the back of an ambulance as it raced across the city to a someone desperately in need of help, it struck me; they just accept and don't think twice that no matter what 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year in less than 10 minutes help will always be there.

I feel deeply privileged and fortunate to live somewhere where that is possible. Just as I marvel that as I sit here writing this with a few clicks of a mouse this message will be delivered to just over 20,000 people spread across the globe.

Anybody can make a difference, you have to fight for change, stand up, speak up and make your voice heard. It is your responsibility not someone else's! If there is any wisdom that I can pass on from my short time in this world it is that if you see a problem you should do all you can to fix it, not just hope that someone else will notice and do something about it.

Don't accept, always think twice. Go out of your way to give someone an opportunity, make a stranger feel privileged. Pass it on. Let us know how you made someone feel lucky.

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United Kingdom

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