Winter wonderland

February 24 2013

Hi! I guess I am supposed to write you a long e-mail filled with deep thoughts on life. I cannot do that. I am not old and I am not wise. Yesterday I (accidentally) set fire to a candy floss machine.

My sister, however, is very wise (and very old). She recently launched a website where "life coaches help you reach your goals and fulfill your true potential". Go google InvivoPlay.

Still here? Okay. I just realized glasses are made of glass and that is why they are called glasses. Now I realized both glasses and glasses are made of glass. What if glasses are really made of glasses? Ice cream is called ice cream because it is made out of ice cream.

Here's my favourite Knock-knock joke: - Knock knock - Who's there? - You know! - You know who? - Yes! Avada kedavra!

I want more friends. Let's be friends? Good. Good. Good. Good bye.

Erika [email protected]k

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