Try it, you might like it.

February 15 2013

When I tell people what I do, they very often say ‘Oh I always wanted to learn that!’ So, I tell them what I am going to tell you. Do it.

I am a Sign Language Interpreter. I live in the UK so I use BSL (British Sign Language) where you are, you will have your own Sign Language too.

My hobby, became my job and I am so lucky that my job is something I love and enjoy almost everyday. I am incredibly privileged in that I get to be involved in the most intimate of situations in people’s lives, along with the more everyday stuff. If you can imagine your own life, and all that you do, if you are Deaf or will be meeting a Deaf person, you may have someone like me there too. I meet new people all the time, and no day is the same. I couldn’t cope with a normal 9-5!

I have made great friends, and learned so much over the years thanks to the varied situations I find myself in. I have completed numerous courses (without having to do the course work/exams, and of course without gaining the actual qualification!) Loads of training days, seminars, coaching, the list goes on. Each day throwing up linguistic challenges that can be incredibly interesting and sometimes a bit scary! There are also emotional challenges through working with those who are in need physically, emotionally, financially and psychologically, sometimes it can be hard to keep hold of my own emotions.

I don’t expect you to go this far of course! If you ever get chance then go learn the basics. It’s what I did! It’s amazing fun, and it will open your eyes to what a beautiful and rich language it is. It will increase your confidence if you do meet a Deaf person, and after all, the Listserve is all about communication, so why not expand your means of doing so!


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