Never Have I Ever

February 14 2013

Never Have I Ever

Have you ever held the hand of a homeless person?

I have.

It was dirty, bruised, and scarred.

But it gripped like any other hand,

Reaching out to be acknowledged

And holding on dearly to a momentary connection.

And it felt good

To not be invisible

To not be alone!

Have you ever witnessed a hate crime?

I have.

It strikes you down, paralyzes you, and swallows you whole.

But it forces you to shed your naivety,

Arming you with a new sense of purpose:

A desire to look never again into bruised eyes

And utter the lie "it's okay."

Because it's not.

Never have I ever forgotten

That the depth and breadth of humanity are infinite,

Extending in all directions.

And never will I ever forget

That we must live through it all;

We must live for it all.

Cory Johnson
[email protected]
Miami, FL

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