January 23 2013

Simple rules to live by:
1. Tell the Truth
2. Be optimistic - You'll live longer, be happier and potentially make more. If you're not optimistic fake it 'till you are.
3. (Generally) Don't make assumptions

For 2 years now I've been a single parent. Nothing has shaped me more than learning to parent alone. The first year was grueling as learning to be mr. mom was never part of my life plan. I kept at it and in time, found peace and a deeper connection with my daughter as a result of the work I put in.

Simple parenting rules that have helped me:
1. Play is a powerful tool. Learn to play with your kids and use it to teach them lessons.
2. Kids f'in love choices. Give them an option a or option b vs. do a now!

I live in Seattle and am always looking for interesting people to meet. Drop me a line if you're around.
Also, my best and I are planning a trip to Barcelona this summer. If any LIstservers are out there, please reach out!

Jimmy Gambier
[email protected]

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